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Summers are for shorts, flip-flops, and pool parties. But, being someone who suffers from varicose veins, you may instead be dreading the season. Feelings of embarrassment, doing everything you can to hide your summer legs, even avoiding fun summertime activities to not have to face the issue. Not only that, but your physical symptoms generally act up during the summer months due to the increased temperatures. The truth is, the summer season can present many issues for someone with varicose veins. But, as long as you stay on top of your vein health this summer, you can enjoy it just as much as everyone else!

Varicose Veins & Heat

For some, the summer heat makes varicose vein symptoms worse. Painful aches, itchiness, enlarged veins are all enhanced, thanks to the hot summer sun. Heat expands blood vessels, adding more stress to your varicose veins. If you’re feeling exhausted from the sun or your varicose vein symptoms are flaring up, seek shade, go inside where there’s AC, or take a dip in the pool. The cold water can prevent your veins from expanding and will help improve circulation in the body.

Varicose veins summer months

Tips to Enjoying The Summer With Varicose Veins

Be Prepared With Vanexxe

Be sure to pack Vanexxe on your next summertime adventure. Vanexxe is a revolutionary, vein-support formula that is quickly becoming one of the most effective products on the market. It tackles varicose veins head on with superlative results in minutes. Vanexxe is a powerfully-effective, varicose vein-support gel, infused with a unique combination of skin-firming extracts, blood vessel-strengthening compounds, wound-healing activators, hydrating compounds, and activated K and B-vitamins. It works by reducing the appearance of varicose veins and normalizing the skin by supporting the visible reduction of enlarged veins.

By being prepared with Vanexxe, you’ll be ready for any adventure thrown your way this summer. The topical gel is compact to fit into your purse or beach bag and is easy-to-apply. Just apply to the skin where there is a varicose vein and watch as it reduces the appearance in 60 minutes or less.


In the summer, we naturally perspire more and can become dehydrated quicker than normal. Drinking enough water is so important. Hydration doesn’t just get your blood pumping, it also helps your skin maintain clarity and smoothness as well. Dehydration can cause connective leg tissues to swell up and can result in muscle aches.

Additionally, be careful consuming alcohol. Drinking alcohol can affect your liver. And your liver’s primary function is to filter your blood to remove toxins from the body, which may further aggravate your varicose veins. Once in a while, it’s not a big deal, but be aware of the inflammatory consequences it can have on your varicose veins.

Use Sunscreen

The warm sun may feel good on our skin, but the rays can actually go deep into the skin, can be harmful to the top couple of layers, resulting in loss of moisture and damage to the skin’s elasticity. The damaged skin can make it more difficult for veins to pump blood normally. Be sure to use a high SPF sunscreen on all areas of your body that are exposed to the sun to prevent sun damage. If you’re particularly sensitive to the sun, avoid going outside from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. when the sun is at its highest. 


Summer presents many fun ways to get moving outdoors. Walking, biking, swimming, yoga, and gardening, are all activities that can keep you moving and keep your blood circulating throughout the day. The more you move, the more you’ll negate blood from pooling in your legs and move it back into circulation.

Remember, You Are Beautiful!

Just because you have varicose veins, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the summer. Remember to stay positive and channel your inner confidence. Never forget that you are beautiful and varicose veins can’t stop you from enjoying the summer with your friends and family!

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