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Pregnancy is a beautiful thing. It’s amazing to think about the creation of life. But when you’re pregnant, you go through a lot of changes to your body. Your appetite increases, you experience extreme fatigue, and you might feel a bit nauseous. 

But did you know that during your pregnancy, as your body makes room for your baby, you may develop varicose veins? Keep reading to learn more about why varicose veins develop during pregnancy.

What Causes Varicose Veins During Pregnancy?

Varicose veins can occur during pregnancy for a couple of reasons. First, your organs move to make room for the baby. As a result, it may put additional pressure on your inferior vena cava – the vein that is responsible for carrying blood from your legs to your heart and vise versa. Because of the difference in blood flow, many women develop varicose veins during pregnancy. 

Another reason women develop varicose veins has to do with hormonal changes. During pregnancy, these hormonal changes can increase the volume of blood flow and can add pressure to your veins. Therefore, contributing to the development of varicose veins.

Preventing Varicose Vein Development During Pregnancy

Although varicose veins during pregnancy may worry you, it is important to note that developing varicose veins during pregnancy is usually harmless and relatively common. However, you can take extra measures of precaution and prevention to avoid developing varicose veins. Try these tips:

  • Elevate your feet often, especially when your ankles are swollen.
  • Take frequent breaks to walk around.
  • Your inferior vena cava is on the right side of your body, so sleeping on your left side can reduce pressure to your right side.
  • Don’t cross your legs to keep your blood flowing regularly and efficiently.

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