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Now that you’ve purchased your Vanexxe, you are now on your way to smoother, younger, more rejuvenated legs within just a matter of minutes. Vanexxe is an incredible breakthrough in topical varicose vein support, and we want to ensure that you experience the greatest possible results from using our product. Therefore, we are here to help you understand the best possible way to use Vanexxe so you can see the transformation right before your eyes!

Steps to Apply Vanexxe: Leading Varicose Vein Support Gel

Identify the Source & Conclusion of the Vein

In the case of varicose veins, oftentimes what we see displayed most prominently on our legs is the middle section of the vein. In order to most effectively reduce the appearance of these veins, you must identify and locate the start, as well as the end, of the vein. Once you’ve found where the bulged vein begins and ends, you are ready to start applying Vanexxe!

Vanexxe Top Varicose Vein Support Gel

Less Is Not More – More Is Better!

As you apply Vanexxe and it begins to take effect, you will notice the varicose veins will smooth out and the appearance of the bulging, discolored veins will minimize. This is because of the natural ingredients in Vanexxe that work as skin-firming extracts to increase blood flow and get your varicose veins back to their original shape.

Measure 1-2 inches above where the bulged varicose vein begins and begin applying Vanexxe by rolling the applicator in small circles, massaging the gel deeply into the bulged area. This will help the blood flow to the vein. Follow the bulged vein down your leg, ensuring that you massage the gel into all of the dark areas of the vein. Remember that less is not more and that more is better! Reassess after 15 minutes and determine whether you should apply a second time. Be aware that your skin may tingle or become slightly red and itchy – this will pass within 40 minutes. After applying, avoid touching any other areas on your body and thoroughly wash your hands.

Just 15 minutes after the first application, the appearance of your varicose veins will be reduced! If you determine that you want even further reduction, repeat the application step again, making sure you begin at the source of the vein and continue completely through the end of the vein. The entire reduction process can take up to an hour, however, if it is a severely bulged vein, it may take closer to 48 hours for the vein to thoroughly relax in pressure and calm.

The Treatment Plan

The two-ounce Vanexxe treatment is a 30-day treatment plan, and although it is rare, you may need to continue use throughout the entire 30 days to see maximum results. It is recommended to do the 30-day treatment regardless of your initial results. The more you use Vanexxe, the better the results will be, as well as helping prolong the vein from appearing again. Apply twice a day, morning and night, for the full 30 days.