Vanexxe Varicose Vein Support


  • Activated B-vitamins
  • Ginko Biloba extract
  • Peptides/Antioxidants/Improved appearance of skin
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Introducing Vanexxe™, a revolutionary, new vein-support formula that shows promise of becoming one of the most effective products on the market. It tackles the problem head-on with superlative results in minutes. Vanexxe™, a powerfully-effective, varicose vein-support gel, is infused with a unique combination of skin-firming extracts, blood vessel-strengthening compounds, wound-healing activators, hydrating compounds and activated K and B-vitamins. This effective product helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins and normalize the skin by supporting the visible reduction of enlarged veins. Vanexxe™ simultaneously brings heightened blood flow to the bulged vein valve, allowing it to pull away from the dermis and return to a more normal condition, and increases the elasticity in the upper skin layers to provide healthier skin, assisting in moving the vein back to a non-visible location. Varicose veins can be treated with topical ointments, injections or surgically. Injections and surgical treatments can range from $200 to thousands of dollars for a single procedure.

Step 1:
Apply one inch above and below the bulged veins with roll-on applicator. Repeat three to four times. Use fingers or roll-on applicator to massage deeply into the bulged area to help the blood flow to the vein. Skin may tingle or become slightly red and itchy. This will pass within 40 minutes. Avoid touching anywhere else on your body and thoroughly wash hands after application.

Step 2:
15 minutes after the first application, the appearance of the vein will be reduced. However, if further reduction is desired repeat step one again. The process takes up to one hour or depending on how severe the bulged vein, it could take up to 48 hours to really relax the pressure and calm the vein. The two-ounce Vanexxe™ treatment is a 30-day treatment plan and in rare occasions will need the full 30-day plan to see maximum results. It’s recommended to do the 30-day treatment regardless of initial results. The more you use Vanexxe™, the better the results will be and it will help prolong the vein from appearing again. Please apply morning and night, twice a day, for 30 days.

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